Ahuroa - Fund Raiser - November 2015

Ahuroa: Volunteer Fire Brigade fundraiser weekend - 14/15 November 2015

Yet another great event put on by the Rodney Off Road Club, fundraising for the Ahuroa Volunteer Fire Brigade... These guys managed to wrangle 80 trucks and a couple of hundred people, feeding, entertaining  and guiding them over several hundred hectares of spectacular  farmland with nary a glitch in sight. 

Well done! Needless to say our Land Rover contingent provided not only the largest contingent but some awesome 'cup of tea' stops along the way, just to prove our worth..

The LR Village was set up on Friday with all varieties of tents and accommodations from the exotic to luxurious!




And then, after some relaxtion and libations on Friday evening we were greeted with a frosty Saturday morning... There were some moans and groans about lack of under garments and extra blankets for the night!

Icy trucks steaming in the Saturday early morning sun..

There were 14 (or was it 15?) of us in our very own Group start up queue for Saturday's run (as engineered by the redoubtable Marcia!) - mostly LRs but a couple of very friendly and most welcomed, non-LRs..

The weather was perfect on Saturday with dry-lumpy conditions (it would have been a very different trip if wet!)

And the dust on the road sections!


A couple of mechanical 'issues' arose. John H's 109 had a transmission objection but with some assistance he bravely made it round the rest of the sometimes tricky course on Saturday...

The 109 looking very lonely on the Sunday morning!

Pete Cress had the very commendable distinction of surviving the run under severe duress ... His Classic suffered a front driveline failure on the Friday but he managed most of the course on the Saturday before his rear driveline gave up in sympathy. Sunday morning saw him coaxing his truck on to a trailer - in one wheel Drive!

A couple of notable (ie loud cheering from the assembled multitudes) events on the Saturday were:
* Amber coaxing her  Skippy up a stupendously steep grassy slope from a dead start half way up;
* Jack, driving his Dad's 90, sailing  through a boggy trough where a certain LWB Nissan had just failed to proceed....
* Coxy in her 110 proving that she had the necessary herbs to climb up an out of a slippery, rocky narrow gut on full power, thus setting the standard for the others following...

Ray Wong's truck showed that LRs can be useful for anything... even a card sharp's table!

On the Saturday night, the roast dinner was excellent.  The brazier fire however was stupendous, even  better than before.. Marshmallows could be cooked from 10m away!

10/10 to the RORC and Fire Brigade guys; great organisation.  We were well fed, looked after and entertained over the weekend. Cheers!

[ If any club members have some action or people photos wot I can add here, please send them through ]

~~ Neil