Ahuroa Volunteer Fire Brigade - Fund Raiser - 2013

Hamish sent in this brief but succinct trip report - thanks! (photos and extras added by Neil)

Another excellent Ahuroa weekend. This year would have seen the highest number of Landies ever.

[ Friday night - early birds setting up the Land Rover Cohort Camp ]

I didn’t count but there were at least a dozen if not more.  It’s a great trip, the farms we were driving in are very beautiful, there was a bit of mud to play in. The food is always good and the bonfire great to sit around. Supporting the fire-station bar is always a difficult task but everyone put their shoulder to the wheel for it…….!

[ Typical countryside for the run ]

Our team was ably lead by the very talented duo of Land Rover stalwarts Peter and Gary Cress.

Gordon England in his little Series One was tootling around the group on the Sunday part of the trip, front windscreen folded down with he and Gary Cress sitting there with big grins ! We had to laugh. They looked very cute. All in all a lot of fun with an incredibly supportive atmosphere.

[ Mind that child!  - at "Shona's Crossing" ]

Many thanks to the Rodney Off Road club for organising the farm runs, to the rural fire brigade farmers for making their farms available and to the wonderful kitchen crew who kept us amply fed. All really good.



[FAB does his best on the slip corner]





[ FAB helps FJ Cruiser through the clag - after excellent winching ops from the hill above ]

And of course we need to mention our own John Harvey always right in the thick of it, frantically digging, hooking on winch cables, attaching strops, sprinting up hills, calling out good instructions, sprinting back down hills, organising order out of the chaos and generally saving the day!

Thanks John and the ever smiling Amber……looking for John, cadging lifts to find her truck !

And here's a nice quote from Jarren (Tusker 110):

Thanks to all who attended the Ahuroa Safari. It was a great learning experience and good fun. I didn't get stuck once with the awesome "Swamp Donkey" tires I borrowed…unlike an FJ Cruiser owner who declared "he was sick of getting pulled out by Land Rovers".

[ Ed: Others who have used these gnarly, totally non-cool, tyres will attest to their ability in the rough. When they get a grip, they can stall a Series engine! (which isn't saying much really ... lol ) ]

And there's more from the slip corner - Hamish does the biz and rescues a Ni**an cool

[ Nicely does it ]

Day Two:

Here's Group A meeting up with Group B (thanks Bruce for the photo) - and umm,  what were the cows doing?


A fantastic weekend……wish we were all still camping up there now !

~~~ Hamish Boyd

And, for a lengthy video of the run - Ivan posted this: