Christmas Run 2014

What a cracker day! - and we did manage to get off-road... Eighteen trucks gathered at Cornwall Park, some fully dressed, some overdressed and some with just their proper LR finery showing cool. Stand outs were the Hickeys and the Smiths who also got themselves dressed up all fancy too.




And, as is now the way, we had multiple vistors clicking away with their cameras at the assembled Oval (our new collective noun for a flock of Land Rovers!)
Four of us got 52.9 million points each for going topless - in spite of the considerable risk of  UV attack but this was just pipped by the 53.1 million points each for those who  dressed-up.


Wot? I hear you say! No bonnets up at all? - never fear, one did go up, but no oily fingers resulted:

From the start the Oval Convoy would its way around Cornwall Park; the multiple revolutions at the roundabout caused much mirth for us and consternation from others.. Then on to the highways through the 'burbs.

Incredibly, all 18 managed to dodge the lights and intersections and just about stayed together the whole way through to Mt Eden, then down Ponsonby Road and onwards to Silo Park for a re-group. It being a majorly sunny Sunday just before Christmas meant that the car park was full. It was then even fuller when we blocked of both entrance and exit! All was very jolly though and no-one got cross.

Then for the finale, we cruised down Quay Street and along the waterfront towards Orakei. So many smiles and waves from the adoring public surprise

All the planning went out of the window however when we arrived at Orakei Domain. When booking the reserve, I had it fixed in my brain that we were on a separate area inside the domain... WRONG. We had the Watene Reserve, reserved for us; on the right, not the left... Ooops! No matter, a snaking U-turn saw everyone more-or-less neatly lined up on the grass (see, we did get off-road).

With a few grunts and heaves, the gazebo went up; only to find that some recent heavy weather modifications b*ggered the top section locking system... another oops but it worked out OK in the end.

Then another uh-oh! BBQ #1 fired up hitchlessly but #2 (not tested prior) was the one with the useless regulator. Darn that person who left it there! Rob and JB went scooting off to find a replacement but by the time they failed and had returned, Doug and his merry band of snarler-wranglers had cooked everything. Well done guys laugh

And in the meantime - we enjoyed some Egg and Spanner racing - ending with an Egg and Throwing game of course!

The fine food was enjoyed by all


and there was some who just relaxed:

To catch the eye, Rob wore the outstanding-dedication-to-the-cause loud shirt

The Secret Santa game saw many laughs and a few non-funny smiles as some rather nice real LR gifts were revealed and then taken away. The major booby prize ended up in my lap - a bundle of used, old singlets as rags broken heart.
(have no fear, these will be retained and may well be wrapped again for the next Christmas Run...)

Major prizes went out to the Hickeys (First) and the Armstrongs (Runners up) for best-dressed trucks; and to the winning tug o'war team; never mind that the other team almost managed to utterly squash themselves in the rush blush

Thanks to Rob for his assistance with route planning and to those who helped run things on the day.

~~ Neil