Club Bylaws

Club Bylaws (issued 4/10/2012)

These bylaws apply to club activities.

1)      All club members’ vehicles on a club run or at an activity are required to:

         a)      Meet the club’s constitution details given in article 2 (b)

         b)      Be adequately maintained (updated 10/2012)

         c)      Have a current Grade sticker or have been graded, within the previous 12 months.

         d)     Carry a spare wheel and suitable jack.

         e)      Carry the minimum of “club gear” in good working order, comprising:

                 i)      2kg fire extinguisher (check Expiry Date Label)
                 ii)     First Aid kit ( Check Expired Items)
                 iii)    A KERR (‘bungy’) Rated rope or strap.
                 iv)    Two rated shackles
                 v)     Spade
                 vi)    Vehicles fitted with winches must also carry:
                       (1)   A winch rope/wire damper
                       (2)   A protective strop for use on fixed objects

         f)     If your vehicle is soft top  or open top, have a roll bar fitted.

2)      No animals or firearms allowed at any time on any club event (applies to everyone, members and guests)

3)      Abide by the club’s alcohol and drugs policy

4)      Seat belts are to be worn (applies to guests also).

5)      Vehicles must have Motor Vehicle 3rd party liability insurance cover of at least $2 million. (updated 10/2012)

6)      All Tow Balls are to be removed.


a. The club shall conduct recces, rallies, field days, and excursions as desired. At every such function or activity, a TRIP LEADER and one or two Safety Officers shall be appointed and shall be in attendance for the duration of the activity.

b. The TRIP LEADER shall have absolute control and responsibility for the function and is required to report all irregular activities to the President.

c. The TRIP LEADER is to be advised of all visitors and non members participating in the event.


i. No recreational drugs are to be consumed by members, their associates and guests at any club events.

ii. No alcohol is to be consumed at any club driving events, this includes drivers, codrivers, passengers and spectators. However alcohol is permitted at social events and after any driving activities have finished for the day.

iii. Members are not permitted to undertake any driving activities where prescription drugs may impair their driving ability. This rule maybe relaxed at the discretion of the Committee and Safety Officers dependent on the nature of the event and with consideration of other members and the public’s safety.



a. No member of the Club are to carry on or about their vehicle or person any weapon, explosive materials or devices, hazardous substances whilst attending or participating in or at Club activities or functions.

b. If such devices or materials are required to be transported for use on non-Club activities before or after the Club function, they are required to be transported according to the relevant Laws and Regulations of New Zealand pertaining to the equipment or material.


If any member wishes to raise an issue concerning bylaws they should approach a committee member in the first instance. The are changed accoridng to rule 17:

The Club may make by-laws as deemed necessary. The by-laws will be made by the Committee and confirmed at a general meeting.