Grading Day Feb 2014

50 vehicles came in for grading.. a World record! . Special thanks to our Tech Grading Experts who spent most of their time inside/on top of/underneath  them cool


Bonnets up! - who could resist?..                                                                 So where does this shackle go?


Look up under here!                                                                                      Simon, our fire extingisher expert on the job


"it went like this..."                                                                                               Horse tends the 109-BBQ


There's an app for Discos isn't there?                                                      Can you adjust my carbs? James' V8 needs attention...


Is it a IIA or a III ??                                                                                         Splice the plasma Mainbrace!


Interesting modifications! - Feet coolers on a 110                                   ... and an SU on a Series 2 1/4 engine (maxx power!)


A 90 or a 110? - hmm...                                                                                 A stock standard Disco 1 proves it  has excellent articulation on the Ramp..


"Classic Range Rovers are the best, aren't they?"                                      but then, the latest and greatest joins our club -superb!

For those who couldn't make it on the day, please let us know;  we can put you in touch with our Grading Techies and get you updated.

~~ Neil