Jonkers Trials February 2014

A perfect-picture day for 21 Land Rovers to have good fun on the Annual Jonkers Trial Day!  Stunning scenery and brilliant summer weather.

Lots of seemingly easy sections with extra twists for the unwary... But a load of fun nevertheless!



And there was a little trouble before we even started... Simon managed to lose a cylinder somewhere

Hilton coming though the "Pine Tree Suprise" track


After much consideration (and lack of brown envelopes for the Marshal's' pockets...) the results for this year are:

While Horse had theoretically top marks, (a Leafer yay!)  he has been disqualified,  for practising the day before;  so congratulations to John Harvey, and Tim & Paula Warburton, for being this year's joint  winners!
"Twister Alley" was the crucial section with the greatest range of low and high scores... Slow and sure with a steady right foot and picking the right line hit the button.

For the final of the day we had the 'Low Range Skills' event  (We didn't say racing did we?)
Some spectacular runs but some firsts to the finish line missed out for running down the pegs in those garage boxes up at the top....


The  Club gives special thanks to the Land Owner for letting us put on this event on.  It is one of the best runs of the year cool

and here's Mike Fitz's video of the event:




~~ Neil