Kaiwaka Kaper

Kaiwaka Kaper  May 11 2014

Thanks to Graeme for introducing us to this neat playpen for Land Rovers! A great time was had by all. There was something for everyone on a beautiful Autumn day.

Our very first drone shot (Thanks to Richard Ng)

Richard Ng has done us proud with his drone video, and also his superb photos (email linked to members via email) - Many thanks Richard!

Yet another Mediterranean-Spring day (Indian Summer?) for us  - an 'out of the box' one for sure as we put on sunnies and hats in early Autumn.
The farm terrain was just perfect - a truly good mix of muddy stuff and dry-but-watch-out! obstacles for all tastes and capabilties. There were grins all round from the oldies and our newbies, be they in the latest and greatest from LR or in the golden old ones :)

Naturally, the Series trucks won the day for panache over those modern coily vehicles but even the Seri-ous types couldn't but help admire the coilers' smooth progress over the awkward lumpy-bumpy bits!