Land Rovers do The Motu - Feb 2015

Ray Wong & Bruce Gibson sent in some great photos and Ivan his video for the Motu Safari 2015

An epic Waitangi weekend with club members :)

Approx. 130 trucks + a dozen marshals!

Arrived @ about 10pm on the Wednesday nite in the rain @ Motu with Ray's truck making funny noises & mine with an overheating auto tranny.

Ray’s was diagnosed as a stuffed water pump & was replaced by a Peter Hall, who we only met 10 minutes earlier & happens to carry everything in his truck, completed in less than an hour. Only possible if you have a Land Rover!!.

Thereafter, each day's run was truly fantastic. With views to die for and PRS commentary from Blair & Peter (who was made an honorary team member as soon as possible).

Some photos of the trip:

We were welcomed onto the marae with the full traditional powhiri & hongi’s followed by a full hungi. – yum.

If the 1st night camping was raining, the second was windy as & the last 2 were just cold-as!

2nd day’s run included a long run up to the saddle on Mt Hikorangi with views to-die-for of the whole of the East Cape  below.  Photos just can’t do it justice –  you had to be there guys.

Each day included river runs that were no more than axle deep – great fun with Ashley Lucas & his camera always lurking around.

I busted a new rear shock on the last day – enter Peter Hall again to remove the remains of it.

Then again to relocate the rear spring, and a 3rd time (!) to install another shock that he just happened to carry with him.


Ivan's video :


~ end