LROCA 20th Anniversary & Training Day

A definitely delectable foodie event for our club on it's 20th  anniversary; with our Training Day afterwards... cool



Steve & Jeremy skilfully sneak the best bits!                                                               They can smell the roast!

and during Training Day, everyone had something to deal with, be it nasty drop-offs, greasy sharp turns or deceptively sucky-mud courses...

John's "Camel" Stage I climbs through

"Leonard" pauses while his driver takes the photo op...

James' 90 in the "Winch Training" section;  everyone appreciated his willingness to be the guinea pig!


Ray provided us with these shots from the "You can do this!  - a nasty steep drop-off section.

13 March:

The Palace has sent us their publicity photo for the event:

The Royal Couple, and a corgi

We are pleased to advise that their Defender suffered no 'broken axle' , and that no corgis were harmed (other than a good bouncing...)


And another video link - Alistair - brand new to off-roading and our club, shares his driving experiences round the traps (ooops!)  the course...




and - Part 2 from Alistair


But wait!

There is more from Alistair:


LROCA Official Note: While these videos might seem to be dull and boring for the 'experts' out there,  for others, they are very informative.
Thanks very much Alistair cool.

~ Neil