Maratoto Track - Recce & camp February 2014

This in from Nic Church: Ray and I decided a recce was overdue. We'll organise a Club trip soon -  coming up in April, details to come.

I made a couple of calls to find some other brave souls and the recce was on. We left after lunch on Saturday arriving down there at 3pm. The track has seen a fair number of trucks this season which has made it a lot more fun!

We reached the camp site a couple of hours later where a few cups of tea (Beer) were had before dinner, and after.

We took a little walk in the morning and checked out the old traction engine before having more fun behind the wheel.

and there was time for some watery relaxation...

There's slippery for you!


and Ashley joined in the fun in his Red 90 wink

This is a great track as many of you know -  if you haven't done it, join in the next Club run down there.

~ Nic Church

[Thanks to Nic, Ashley, Bruce, & Graeme for the photos]