Muriwai Beach Clean 2013

A perfect day for this event! Blustery Westerlies with bright sunshine smiley Auckland Council Rangers, NZFWDA, AKL 4WD Club,  LROCA  and others put on a great show for the annual beach clean up.

Peter Vahry and Van (AC Ranger) organised us into groups to look after 25km of the beach in 5km sections.

Simon Aimer took the lead to lay out the 5km marker cones up towards the Wilson's Road 'entrance',  and 30 or so vehicles followed ownwards though the aerial surf boarders and land yachters at the village end. Then 'we' the garbage collectors (council dust carts?)  spent a couple of hours trawling the upper reaches of the beach to grab, pick and extract every bit of rubbish we could find.




Notable collections were a rear axle complete with brake drums, the rear seat from a saloon, several sq metres of alkathene sheeting and a steel wheel with shredded tyre attached.

What better way to have fun on a weekend AND do something for your community!

[What's that? - A non Land Rover in a photo?}

The best V8 soundtrack !


This was a great day for family fun - F.A.B managed to collect not only flotsam and jetsam from the beach but also a complete family!


Bin disposal!

As in past, the local Rangers put on  a bacon/kumara-hash-brown/sausage BBQ for everyone a the end .. just the ticket !

[more photos and maybe some video to be added...]