Pig Farm in Reverse 14 April 2013

John Harvey sent us this...

After sneeking my way out of the house so the boys wouldnt know i was going to the pig farm without them. I meet the rest of the group at Redhills Rd. After a quick chat and an air down we headed for Paul's. I was planning on trying the silverstones on the series 1 but lack of time (and possibly clearance) left me on the old SAT,s (this would be my undoing).
We headed out from the carpark in the reverse direction up the hill. I needed a slightly different line and more revs as i had mudhog and the special in front of me but I made it. A straight forward drive from the carpark to Horsepower Hill. But instead of the usual climb we were heading for the stair case. Here I suffered from my first lack of forward momentum (just trying to bypass the hillclimb...). So out with the winch and back under way. Mudhog, White whale, Special and Shaun (you need to name your truck!) [Ed: maybe The Mongrel...] had a crack at the steep rutted climb to no avail. The Staircase was conquered by those shod in silverstones the rest of us required a snatch up the last step and out of the top hole. Nobody made it up the climb past the pond on the main track most of us gave it a bypass.
Only me and the little 49er tried to conquer the pond (only got 2 vehicle lengths into it but that's not the point...) and was recovered by Shaun. Once round the pond the whole group conquered Horsepower Hill going down it (funny that). Then to the bog (The Bath) at the bottom of the pig paddock. Any of you who saw my last attempt at this hole will see why i wanted to beat it this time. And we did! On to the Goose Pond. This hazard over the years has hung up, bent, bashed, rolled and drowned many vehicles and that's going down! So we were treating it with some caution. But with some careful wheel placement, the right revs and a good (lucky) bounce most made it to the top. Then the climb, usually a slide once again made to look easy on silverstones and a tow for the rest of us. The Camel Bog was given a wide birth by some and I required a snatch (lack of grip again).
The final challenge for the day was the big hole behind the hill as you come into (normally) the top paddock. Mudhog dove in and promptly got stuck and then recovered himself.
It's been over 12 years since I've been through this bog in this direction so I wasn't going to let little tyres and no lockers stop me having a crack at it... So in due time i was dragging the 49er through the slop. This however cleared the way for the others having successfull runs at it. A quick downhill (and another winch for me) and we were back in the carpark by lunch time.
A great day out an early finish and almost no damage. Thanks to Paul for the access and Brett for the organising of a great morning in the mud.
~~ John Harvey
Ed: Thanks to Alex for the great photos  - there's a lot more here