Porter's Road & TECT Park

Wow! This run produced emails such as this from Kyle:  "I think that was just about the best trip I have been on so far, that was a really fun day and all the damage I managed to do was get a punture and lose a little bit more paint so I consider that pretty lucky.  Hopefully Steve your diff is not to expensive.  Thanks Ivan again for organising the trip and thanks Shaun and Steve for company.  I hope we get to do that track again soon with a few more members from our club."


and this from Ivan:  Yes indeed Kyle it was one of my favourite trips also. This is the best of the three I have done there I think. The weather made it much better.  A few more trips down there and my truck will not need sanded before any paint job, the pumice will have done it for me. I will be back down there in a few weeks but during the week next time, hopefully I can get good weather then as well and not too much more washed out between now and then."

A Rotoruan suffering a momentary cessation of forward movement...




Porter's Road (Ivan):



and then TECT Park (Ivan)



and finally Shaun's super series truck on Porter's Rd:



Thanks guys.