Possum Palace - New Year 2015

It was a Great way to start the year.For those who have never been there is open farmland, muddy bogs galore and plenty of tree sections for tight stuff. The run of the day was up Goat Track to the highest point on the property that allows sea views across to the Hen and Chicks to the east and impressive country scenery all around.Not to be missed..

I drove in with my road mud tyres which were fine.  I did not have a winch with me but others did. Simex or similar probably meant that the bogs would appear more inviting. .whether you could make it through is another story winkWe set up camp away from the main house in what's almost now known as the Land Rover Campsite,  an indication of the work Nic and Graeme have put into the place.
 After lunch we spent the rest of the day exploring the terrain. A bit of mud. A bog here or there and a winch for some.
We were back down to camp to set in for the night and of course a camp fire was quickly established and then a quick wood run around the tracks nearby.This was one of the highlights of the trip with all my kids bouncing around the unladen 110 hanging off the roll cage cool.
We loaded up enough wood fuel to last most households a Winter or two! Finally our Land Rover, was on the land, hard at work, in a perfect setting.
The fire roared all night.  With some expert stacking by Nic and equally expert design by Conway we got tractor rim red hot smiley
The next day we explored some more and then Graeme had us in track building mode. Something i had never done before.  We cut a new track that maybe our club could claim as our own.  
It starts next to a tall Phoenix palm,  nesting close by is an old Valiant. Maybe a little regal ? hahah! 
There's a "technical" climb (read winch section when wet) before we drop into a hidden forest.   Very cool indeed.
Back at camp for lunch and then some time with the land owners and Ben and Charlie cutting more tracks.
Of course, later on the camp fire roared again and the kids played on a swing.
And there was a minor mishap when Graeme's rear diff decided not to cooperate! Conway to the rescue!
It was a very successful first trip  for the club in 2015 so thanks to Nic Church and Graeme Williams for setting up a great couple of days driving.
It was nice to drive the place again after 12 months, and even better finding new places to drive.
~~ Ray Wong