Possum Palace Perfection: Jan 2014

Graeme Williams guided us up, through, down and around, and around, the myriad of fantastic tracks at Possum Palace. Tracks for winching, tracks for trundling, tracks up to the sky,  and tracks with cow-filled mud holes (be at the meeting to hear the stories!) Simply good fun had by all (thirteen) of us.  Highlights included a Winch Challenge stage  - just for fun... Unfortunately, Ray's winch decided to give up, mid-crossing! But no problem for the team...


Ivan's movie !


Setting up for Ivan to winch Ray through. All the boy's toys are out in force!




and here's Shaun at the exit from this track:





The salubrious camping spot above the house:


More photos coming... and here are a few:

"The old house site"

Simon & Neil cooking up a storm

This is it! The house... très luxurious, no?

Chateau Wong!

Typical terrain in the forest sections. Fine in the dry, a nightmare if it was wet..

and some more photos in from Charles:

Early Saturday morning.



Over the rickety rackety bridge.