Rotorua - Porter

We met our host Colin RR (Classic) his son Daniel (Series 1) and Alan (Disco 1) from the Rotorua Land Rover Enthusiast Club on Saturday morning.  We had 8 trucks from the club.

Kyley'’s 90, Shaun and his Series hybrid special, the three Disco’ 1s (Nicholas, Ivan and Brett Baker), Steve McCrostie with his Disco 2, Kyle in his Series 3 truck and my 110. The track was graded 2, but could have been 3.  As Nicolas said there was scratching, there was panel damage but nothing more serious. And thankfully no roll overs! Kyle'’s all terrains went fine, but I could have specified Mud terrain as a safety net.  There was no mud or clay in spite of all the rain we'd had. So, track conditions were near perfect, and another fantastic drive in God's Own.

Along one section there was radio chat to check why we were running so slow . . .  It was because we were in awe of the track we were driving along.  It was very cool to be Land Rovering amongst native ferns, moss and rain forest. It was quite spectacular, and great to share it with the other guys from our club.

In between the beautiful green stuff there was some technical single track to get through. We were running full articulation in some places, while picking our lines and extreme angles, lurching from one side to the other.  It was fantastic to see the land rover ahead running some crazy lines and articulation.



(Ivan's movie)

We were in the bush at 10.30 am. and driving until around 4.00, airing up in the afternoon mist before our run back to camp - when the rain finally set in.

[ LROCA Note: The Club's gazebo tent is just the job for these sorts of runs... drop us a line if you need to use it!]

We ended the day by relaxing in the pool contemplating our return date so we could do it all  again! Thanks again to the guys for coming down from our club and to Colin and Trevor from LREOT for hosting us   hopefully we can return the favour soon.

~~ Ray Wong