Our subscription is made up of two parts:

Part 1.  Club fee - The Single membership is $25 and Family Membership fee is $35 per annum.

Part 2.  NZ Four Wheel Drive Association (NZFWDA) fee $35 per annum (collected by us on their behalf).

HOWEVER, If you are already member of the NZFWDA already, either through another 4WD Club or group, then we only charge the $25 to be an associate member.

Our financial year runs from April 1 through to March 31

TOTAL to pay:

Single $60

Family $70

Day membership $20

Associate membership $25

PAYMENTS - Bank Account

We prefer you pay into our Club Bank Account, by Internet banking using your name in the reference.

Alternatively, we'll accept cash on the nail at a club meeting.

We don't have credit card or EFTPOS facilities.