Sun, Surf & Sand at Poutu

Sun, Surf & Sand at Poutu - with added Storminess!

Ivan, Kyle and Shaun gave us an action-packed trip down and back up the Poutu Peninsula over Anzac weekend taking in miles of open surf beach, troublesome twists, twerky turns, crazy climbs and devilish decents ..

Andrew's Kahn does the stuff!
Andrew's Kahn does the stuff!

All in all just what we love! Some trekked up to Darga on the Saturday, while others trooped up early Sunday, all to meet up on Bayly's Beach at 09:30 Sunday (except for Ray & Co who stayed in Darga but even then were 5 mins late!).

On the beach, some needed to check their underbits..

While Kyle does his best to "Strike a Pose" - are the others impressed?   :)

And then we set off under blue skies down the beach.


Whoo Hoo! all this space on our own doorstep!

Then, on to Poutu Lighthouse, the sort of easy way...

Steve crests the dune

With some awkward bits en route

But we made it!

Stunning views out to the Kapaira Harbour bar.

and out to the West

And after the easy way up to the lighthouse, we came down.

Shaun was the only one to make it back up afterwards, in his 'not quite a Series' vehicle (!). Others tried but failed miserably..
It is a seriously long, long sandy climb. Tech info: 122m drop from top to bottom in 0.5km (and the same upwards!)

Then we headed back up the beach with Ivan guiding us (albeit with minor diversions...) to the Camp Site.

On the way there were some intresting dune climbs:



and then David suffered a mishap:

David's 'I am stuck' issues resulted in a tow from Shaun and a tyre popping off a rim..

But thanks to Ivan with his exhaustible jack and Shaun's long tool, within 10 minutes David was back on track!

Eventually we arrived at the Secret Camping Site which only 3,000 others know about... thankfully for us though it was not crowded.

Shaun returns to the camp site from a recce with one of Ray's team calling the shots from the the Safari position..

A very sociable evening ensued in our DIngly Dell camp site :)

Sadly dear readers, there are no photos of the evening's  socialising; suffice to say everyone enjoyed their refreshments...

All packed up at camp site, Monday morning: the clouds are darkening on the horizon and there's a 'hint' of rain in the air...

We had some 'interesting' adventures on the way North during or return to Bayly's Beach on the Monday morning after breakfast.
30 degree dune slopes to  traverse (50% ahead, 50% sideways!) and then  some 'quite interesting' sweeps and tight uphill turns to give one some buttock-clenching moments!

We then made it back on to the beach only to be met with the start of a little wet and windy weather situation which it seems came from Australia - darn those Aussies!

The trip back to Auckers was wet wet wet and windy windy windy, complicated by a truck rollover West of Maungaturoto necessitating a diversion around the town along some metalled roads.
I was stuck behind a loaded B-Train, Hats off to the driver for coping with such narrow, off-camber, twists and turns..

Rob in LOWLY reported similar fun en route home but had the added excitement of extremely torrental rain nearly stopping his wipers (not that hard considering LR's system!)

Thanks to all who made the trip possible, to those who sent links to their photos and video from the run but most importantly, to everyone who joined in!

~~ Neil