Waiuku Forest Frolics 21 Sep 2013

Commander Keith with his very own driver, Lieutenant  Penman... Eight vehicles at the Start while two America's Cup addicts made it to Motion Road, a trifle later -but just in time to have people ahead, ready to right a non-upright situation surprise (someone has earned a special sticker!)

The command  vehicle

And a selection of people and vehicles attending, pre-move off from the BP

Rob and Horse

Cathy and Jim

A couple of Bruces...

The Bruces again with  Keith, Tim and Doug

And thne we were off, making our first detour via Motion Road. There were a few burnt out car wrecks to negotiate and then a muddy hole or two...

Leonard took the first dive and managed to lose forward momentum (no photos thankfully!), and the scene was then set:

Some airing down took place and then after Cathy & Jim (in foreground)  took the easy route bypass, Bruce, as opposed to Bruce, (the one they call Lurch)  took off and went for it:

The advice had been "keep up your momentum, it's a little boggy in there"

The result was rather spectacular!

Others took it with a little less pedal..

Bruce (Lurch)

and Tim Brodie in his 110 came through with ease....

(Yes, we know the first ones through clear the mud and slop from the tracks, making it easy for the others....

and here's a short clip of the day, not from a fixed cam on the dash...


~~ Neil