Wet 'n' Windy, Plants 'n' Burgers

Scene 1: Te Rau Puriri Park, South Head, Saturday 4 May 2013 at 1pm

Much of Auckland is awash after torrential rain. Up at South Head, several brave LRs are skittering around on slippery, muddy slopes while a camp of tents is just about to leave this Earth if they don't get pegged down properly...

Under some canvas, tea is being served while great gobs of water gush down all around...
I've dropped off the Club Gazebo but I think it might just be left in its bag; the brave souls up there have enough to cope with!
(In the unseen background elsewhere that morning, Brett Whyte's Rangie "Vogue 8" is receiving a belated WoF...)

( Taken Sunday: - Far right you can just pick out the Harvey Camping Module nestled near the trees )

Scene 2: Te Rau Puriri Park, South Head, Sunday 5 May 2013 at 9am

The weather is fine! - some sunshine, some brief showers; a band of LR club , Auckland 4WD club, Locals & others gather at the Park entrance awaiting instructions. The Park Rangers get us organised; Trailers are loaded with Kanuka, Flax, Puriri, &  Pohutakawa.


It was still dry-ish as some of us  wound our way up on to the tops  with great views of the Kaipara (and a sand barge heading out on its job) and others headed down into a gully

We had about 2 acres fenced-off  land to plant out, and later, after some quick arithmetical acitvity by Alan LItchfield, it was decided that around 1800 plants had been dug in.


Right around lunchtime, just as the third load of plants had gone in, the rain set in... The Park Rangers were keen for 'just a few more' to go in and some hardy souls stayed on the slopes.... while others, umm, sloped off!


You might notice Alan's 109 hitched up to the Twin Towers at the bottom of that short-but-very-slippery slope. There was some "exciting moments" later on!

A slow and slippery drive out was made much easier by the smell of frying bacon wafting down from the woolshed up at the top!
Never was a good fry up of burgers, bacon and egg so quickly demolished...

It was good to have been able to see the results of our earlier efforts - flourishing kanuka 2m high; so we know this planting will soon be adding to the native scenery in the park.

Thanks to Brett Whyte for the organisation with ARC Parks/Rangers - I think they were well pleased with everyone's efforts.

~~ Neil