Winter Solstice - Possum Palace

Slippery, slidey, scarily!

not want youneed to see!

Warren wasn't expecting something like this to jump out in front of him!

There were some strained smiles on this run... just getting out of the camp site/car park area was a mission in itself, let alone navigating the tree strewn tracks with zero grip...Nevertheless there was fun to be had. Water-logged paddocks, ditches which swallowed entire Discos and, all credit to the sole intrepid Series participant, some severely gnarly tracks driven with aplomb. 19 million points out of 10 to Warren! Welcome to the band of Serious Series Drivers..

Shaun's "I wish it was a real Series" truck was outstanding, driving every challenge with ease; including one section where he assisted another vehicle (ie towed it!) up a seriously awkward track.

And there were some neat highlights, reaching the top of a hill where we watched Rob tramping his way along the valley below:

At one stage, Grahame got, errmmm - right royally stuck... but to hell with it, why not put on a show?
4,500 rpm from a Rover V8 with two wheels all a spinnin' can look good sometimes!

The aforementioned was all on the Saturday.

Sunday morning , some brave souls went on for another run including the infamous "Barney's Track". Steve McC reported it was an 'adventure' indeed; if we had all been there, it would have taken all day to get through! His 'only' problem was a slight altercation with a tree at the very top:

Score: Tree 1, D2 nil !

Thanks to Grahame for arranging the run.

~~ Neil