Club Grading Day

Event date: 
Sunday, 2 May, 2021 - 09:00 to 12:30

Club Grading Day   ~ Sunday 2nd May

@ the same location as last year – Upper Level Car Park of Northwest Shopping Mall
Planning to be there from 9.00am
-    Fire Extinguisher guy will be there from 10 to 12.30pm

Things to bring :~
1.    ALL of your recovery gear…………
a.    Bridle
b.    Minimum of 3x Rated D Shackles
c.    Remove your tow Ball (if this is used as your Rear recovery)
d.    Rated row rope
2.    2.5kg. Fire Extinguisher…………
a.    Check the expiry date before setting out 
b.    New replacement ones will be available for sale from the fire engineer on site
c.    $75 per unit cash 

3.    Up to date 1st Aid Kit
4.    Spade 
5.    1 x example of your Off-Road Tyres

Who is going

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