Grading Day

Event date: 
Sunday, 14 April, 2019 - 10:00 to 14:00

Yes - it's that time of year again

Checked items include:~

1. Recovery ropes / straps +  3x rated Shackles

2. 1st Aid Kit

3. Spade

4. Recovery points - front & rear

5. Bring your expired Fire Exingushers along too. ~ we will have drum fire to practice your extingishing skills.

John & Betty's place 

152 Boord Cres. Kumeu  ~between 10am & 2,00pm

Fire Engineer will be there to look at all extingishers + can sell 2.5kg. ones for $ 75 each

pay via. bank account provided by seller.

Sausage sizzile will be running.

If you don't have your mud tyres fitted on your truck, no worries, just bring one along in the boot.

Note: If you are on the Woodhill Patrol, call into site for your check on the way.

Who is going

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