Woodhill Patrol

Event date: 
Sunday, 17 October, 2021 - 09:45 to 17:30

Please contact Brett Barker if you're keen to join in by email or phone, tigerz11nz@gmail.com or 021-724 309; Don't sign up below.

These patrols are a good way to gain experience.

4 vehicles per Patrol.

Grade 3; Winch optional - but check with Brett (2 vehicles must have winches).
Tyres: MTs preferred (Silvers/Simex not necessary but good in winter)
Radio: UHF essential

Meet: at 4WD Park at 9:45AM each day.
End: About 5:00PM when all public have left.

******** Official details from the 4WD Park: *************

4WD Park will sponsor the first 4 club vehicles (4 per day) with free admission only on rostered club run weekends.
Any club runs or night the cost is $60.00 / vehicle. The discount for more than 10 has gone.

Clubs are welcome to book the 4WD Park on non-public weekends in consultation with 4WD Park owner, Contact Roger on 027 535 5770.

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