Grading Day

Yes - it's that time of year again

Checked items include:~

1. Recovery ropes / straps +  3x rated Shackles

2. 1st Aid Kit

3. Spade

4. Recovery points - front & rear

5. Bring your expired Fire Exingushers along too. ~ we will have drum fire to practice your extingishing skills.

Club 25th Anniversary Banquet Camp-over

A must for all members........
25th Anniversary Banquet Camp-over
Scott's Farm ~ Dairy Flat
Great camping & ideal runs on both days for Grade 2 trucks with A/T Tyres

In celebration of surviving 25 years, the club is providing a Banquet Roast Spit feast for all members & direct family.
Dress code is strictly formal.
That means, Shirt & tie / Uniform & Ball gowns / wedding dress - make an effort please.

Dinner & Movie Night

2 Part: Tiki Tour & Dinner + Movie at Ryders Theatre Avondale

We are planning a 2 part day, Tiki Tour followed by Dinner/Movie

Part 1 - Tikitour

Leaving from Swanson Station Cafe carpark at 1.30pm

(optional - lunch before hand in the Station cafe)

Convoy to Crystal Mountain  (entry to museum - $8 adult, $5 child)

Convoy (via Arataki Visitor Centre) to Ryders Theatre, Avondale.


New email list

We have moved the site to a new hosting service. It has been hosted by Neil since 2009 and we thank him for this.

UPDATE: In the first hour there were 20 emails sent. There are 101 entries in the group therefore 100 are sent every time. A total of 2,000 emails that hour were sent.