Porter's Road & TECT Park

Wow! This run produced emails such as this from Kyle:  "I think that was just about the best trip I have been on so far, that was a really fun day and all the damage I managed to do was get a punture and lose a little bit more paint so I consider that pretty lucky.  Hopefully Steve your diff is not to expensive.  Thanks Ivan again for organising the trip and thanks Shaun and Steve for company.  I hope we get to do that track again soon with a few more members from our club."


Waiheke wedding

Congratulations to Phil & Sarah Billings recently married on Waiheke. We do notice that the photo supplied shows two Land Rovers rather than two people surprise

Tim & Paula helped out with transportation (and with a wonky handbrake on the 110!)

Possum Palace Perfection: Jan 2014

Graeme Williams guided us up, through, down and around, and around, the myriad of fantastic tracks at Possum Palace. Tracks for winching, tracks for trundling, tracks up to the sky,  and tracks with cow-filled mud holes (be at the meeting to hear the stories!) Simply good fun had by all (thirteen) of us.  Highlights included a Winch Challenge stage  - just for fun... Unfortunately, Ray's winch decided to give up, mid-crossing! But no problem for the team...