When you join we will add your email address into the Club's LISTSERV email system.

From then on you will receive all the emails sent by other Club members and you can send emails to all Club members!

Primarily we use the system to send breaking news, details of new runs, updates, changes and other 'important' things.

Official notices e.g. AGM notice will go via the list, and be posted on the website.

If you want to email to the group then send to: lroca-members@lroca.org.nz


  • By all means send email out to the Club with questions, advice of a possible run and the likes of "what size spanner fits that odd-sized nut on my Series gearbox?"
  • If you have stuff which is probably better posted on Farcebook, Snapagram, instapics or whatever... then post it there.
  • When you reply to a Club email, please check that you are replying just to the person who posted the message, or all the Club.
  • By default a reply only goes to the sender, to email all the Club change TO to lroca-members@lroca.org.nz (better than reply all).
  • The subject will always start with [lroca-members] so you can use that in a filtering rule.
  • The TO field will always have lroca-members@lroca.org.nz in it, so you can use that in a filtering rule.
  • Note only members of the email group can send and receive email to the group.
  • Avoid sending unhelpful answers like 'sorry I can't help you with that.'
  • Make the subject relevant and change it should the content of the thread change. Feel free to start a new thread with a new subject.

PLEASE be careful when posting your original email; everything you say is made visible to all members.

If you think you are not getting the emails send an email to lroca-members-index at lroca. You will be sent the list of recent email subjects.


We have two facebook groups, you may post to both.

There is a public group https://fb.me/lroca.org.nz so posts can be seen by anyone. Avoid naming people in posts here without their permission.

There is a private, club members only, group for current financial members. https://www.facebook.com/groups/517109361746956/  You may name people and show number plates in photos here. We will add you to this group. You may need to message the admin from Facebook to get your profile.

Like and Follow

Up to you but we recommend, on both of these you:

  • Like the page
  • Follow the page.
  • Under Follow, In your news feed, select see first.
  • Under Follow, Notifications, select 'On (highlighted posts)'.

While runs are posted in the website calendar often supplementary information is put in the private Facebook page where one can ask and reply to questions.