Vehicle Scrutineering and Grading

Club Approved Members for Safety/Grading Checks (scrutineering):

Any of the people listed below should be able to check your vehicle and issue a sticker (either first time or upgrade as required).

  • John Harvey 027-292 6829
  • Brian Harvey 027-224 6315
  • Peter Cress 027-572 4967 or 09-273 6255

Please note that we will have at least one Grading Day per year where anyone can attend without prior arrangement.

If you cannot attend the event(s) you will need to make an appointment with one of the Approved Members; (Note: at THEIR convenience)

Multiple vehicles (lucky you!)

If you have multiple Land Rovers there is no requirement that each one has to have its own complete set of gear - but some common sense should apply in respect of attachments to the chassis !

Vehicle Grading

BEFORE you come on  your first run, we require that your vehicle has a check in respect of its recovery fixtures, on board gear and equipment.
Once checked out and passed, your vehicle(s) will be issued with a display sticker confirming it has been scrutineered by one of our Club Approved Members and pronounced "fit" to attend club runs.
Our runs (see Events) all have (should have) Gradings listed; the stickers/safety checks are are a good guideline for you to assess if your vehicle is fit for the event

For some, these requirements might seem onerous or even off-putting. We make no bones about this.
Having a well-equipped vehicle stands you in good stead for not only our runs, but (it will happen!) when you are out and about, in or near a drama, people will look to the Land Rover owner for help. Such is the cachet of the name.  We like to make sure we live up to it!


The basic grading for any road-oriented run with some 'gentle' off roading such as on a beach (not up into the dunes) and formed gravel/metal/sandy tracks.

Single approved recovery points front and back and the normal safety gear.

Ordinary road bias tyres are acceptable. Little chance of panel scratching/damage


As for Grade 1 but with All Terrain (AT) tyres and TWO approved recovery points up front. The tracks may be muddy and slippery and in the bush/forests. Away from the beach, you may be in dunes.

Moderate chances of panel/scratch damage.


As for Grade 1 but with Mud tyres and extra recovery gear such as a bridle and both short and long snatch straps. You will definitely be off-road on some tricky tracks.

There's a good chance of denty panel damage, even if you are an experienced off-roader!

Grade 3 + (Winch, 'Hard Yakka' or Extreme)

All of Grades 1 2 & 3, plus a winch;  Simex, Silverstone or other super muddy off-road tyres, and your wits are needed!
Along with the winch, you'll need a damper, gloves, bridles, pulley blocks, extra ropes, extra shackles and winch extension straps (doubling as tree protectors)
On these runs, the more gear you have the better to help yourself and others, get out of trouble.