As a Club we (i.e. every member) are committed to acting in a safe manner when on runs and trips. For the Committee, as the Officers of the Club, we know that we have a duty of care which extends to making you all aware of our Health & Safety guidelines and procedures our Health & Safety guidelines and procedures.

Recent regulatory changes have made it clear that in certain circumstances, some entities (a PCBU) could be held legally liable for persons within their workplace. HSWA does not apply to recreational access to land where it is not affected by a PCBU’s work activities or is a workplace. The PCBU is only responsible for risks arising from the work or workplace. The PCBU is not responsible for risks from the recreational activity.

If you can give us access to a property for a run, worksafe will not intervene should there be an injury during the activity.

Our Club has no paid staff (members/committee or outsiders) and we do not normally undertake activities where the public pay to join us on our runs. Thus we are not a PCBU in respect of our normal runs and trips.