The Land Rover Owners Club of Auckland is for enthusiasts with an interest in Land Rovers and the whole range of Land Rover vehicles, from Series one to the latest models.

We have monthly club meetings as well as a trip most months (see the calendar), usually in the greater Auckland region. Occasionally there are weekend excursions further afield with overnight (including camping) stays. Our membership subscription is reasonably priced and covers you, your entire family and, all your Land Rovers (a family may take only one vehicle on any given run). We're quite happy to say we are a Land Rover Owners Club, not an 'off-roading' one. If you've heard we stop for tea and scones every half an hour then it's just about true!

We cater for: Anyone who owns and drives a Land Rover!, novice off-roaders wanting to learn more, families wanting to go off-road with the kids without damaging their vehicle, and serious off-roaders with plenty of the tricky stuff!


As a responsible car club, we stipulate that you have Third Party Insurance as a minimum requirement on any of your vehicles that you take on any club event.

This is to ensure that if you somehow damage another vehicle or farm & forestry property for example, you will be covered for repairs.

Liability for third party damage must be no less than $2,000,000 (2 million).

If you have an unregistered off-road vehicle, then there are specialist insurance brokers that can provide policies for you.

How to join:

  1. Come along to a Club Meeting (see the events calendar)
  2. Check out the Rules & Club Constitution in our documents menu
  3. Give us your details via this [Google form] CLICK HERE
  4. Pay your membership fees, that is just our annual subscription
  5. Get your Land Rover checked for the gear you will need to be equipped with. See: Equipment, and Vehicle Grading system

Do I actually need to own a Land Rover?

Yes, after all, this a Land Rover club! We like owning, appreciating, fixing and driving our Land Rovers - so it is not surprising that everyone in the club has one and just about everyone goes on club runs in (one of) them.


We do not mind members' guests coming along in their own vehicle for a run on an occasional basis - that is, as long as the guest is in their Land Rover!
If your guest is planning to bring along another brand of 4x4 vehicle, then please don't be offended if the trip leader or club president says "No".